I am Rohan Chougule

located in the beautiful city of Pune, India

"An interface is humane if it is responsive to human needs
and considerate of human frailties." ~ Jef Raskin


Rohan Chougule

Specialize in writing clean, semantic, accessible front end code including HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. I am also a food lover, coffee enthusiast, shutterbug, karma believer, and above all, a passionate individual.

I built my first website in college and from there it was love at first sight. Digital technology became a passion that still haunts me. This passion led me to drop out of college (no regrets) and led me to Pune, my holy work place.

I find a lot of joy designing, planning and brainstorming new creative ideas. But implementing those ideas and concepts into workable products is where I really shine. I have been a professional in this capacity for over seven years and have loved (almost) every minute of it.

I am interested in standard-compliant, well-engineered, accessible and engaging sites. I am experienced in user-friendly web interfaces developed to the highest W3C standards. I am interested in social media and the semantic web.





Co-Founded Hartley Lab and scaling technical boundaries with open source web development technologies.


Jan 2012 - Present

UI Development & Module Lead

Also happily working with CBIL360 from last 3 years, Module lead at GOBIGGI. Development Lead at Res.Menu


Apr 2009- Jan 2012

UI Developer

I started with Ozran as designer, then by the time I found what I really good in, and ended up with UI & Coldfusion development.



Web Designer

Was new in this industry, and was working with some freelancing projects.



JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, Data Formats (e.g. JSON, XML)

Responsive, Cross-Platform Development

PHP, MySql


Siddhesh Tiwatne
Director at CBIL360 Inc

Rohan is not only a programmer or UI developer by profession but an artist at heart. The code which he writes works like magic alongside making justice to the title user interface knows what's good for the users and what's not. He has in-depth knowledge of his work which he keeps updating on regular basis. A great team player, an excellent mentor to his juniors, optimistic and enthusiast, a true friend and indeed a great human being, Rohan is definitely and asset to any organization.

Sachin Taware
Developer at CBIL360

Rohan is an asset to our UI team. He has the thorough knowledge of UI tools and technologies, plus takes into consideration the user experience which is a prime factor. He is hands on with libraries like javascript and jquery which enables him to create eye catching effects. Being a SHUTTER BUG, he has good understanding of images and uses them to the fullest.

Meenakshi Pandey
Sr. Applications Developer at iNautix

Having worked with Rohan, I can vouch for the fact that he is someone who enjoys his work. Completely dedicated and ever ready to put in longer hours if needed, he is an invaluable person to have around. He is ever eager to pick up new things and try out new concepts. Other than his great professional skills he is also someone with a sunny and cheerful personality. If someone turns to him for help he is always there for them and I am extremely thankful to him for helping me pick up Coldfusion during my traineeship days.

Akhilesh Choudhary
Assistant Manager at Everest Web Solution

Rohan has in depth knowledge of user interface and other html requirements of website and web applications. Never give up and go getter attitude creates a difference. I have Always seen him working with smile and great energy. Last but not the least as a human being he is very helpful, honest and dedicated person.


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